In 1995, German Stntus was born. The ultimate safe materials, top-level aerospace technology,
and everlasting exploration of the vacuum preservation endow Stntus with unique personality:
rigorous and innovative, superior temperament, and constantly striving for perfection. So far,
Stntus has had the world’s first and technology patent in a number of vacuum preservation fields.

Stntus was founded by the European vacuum preservation expert in Germany in 1995, which has focused on vacuum preservation industry for more than 20 years, and has had the world’s leading vacuum preservation research institute and the largest preservation packaging manufacturing base in Europe, whose vacuum technology has been deeply used in the aerospace field.Stntus is committed to providing users with innovative, safe, durable and easy-to-use products, conducting more than 120 items of rigorous tests in product design and research and development links in accordance with the requirements of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), with the production links adopting whole process standards of EN ISO, which has joined ZEOS Alliance (production and environmental protection organization), so as to reduce the emissions of production pollution , and take responsibility for the global environmental protection.

Stntus is the first to create a market with vacuum preservation category in the world, and open the third generation of household preservation technology, thus effectively extending three to five times of the food preservation time. Stntus owns a vacuum preservation machine, a vacuum preservation box, and three series of kitchen innovation, and more than 300 models of product. All products are produced and assembled in the European country of the origin, and in compliance with EU food safety standards (EFSS). The vacuum preservation series adopts new Tritan™ safe materials. Tritan™ has passed the certification of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, and designated safe materials for the infant supplies in European and American area.

Stntus has occupied 90% of the European market share by virtue of its high-quality, safe and innovative products, and thoughtful services, which not only has become a well-known brand, but also has been affectionately known as European vacuum preservation expert.


The founder of Culig brand, Culig, was born in Slovenia in Europe in 1955. Soon after his birth, his father working in a mold factory in Germany was unfortunately killed because of work, leaving only his mother and Culig stick together and help each other in difficulties. In 1975, 20-year-old Culig still took over his father’s position in Germany to be responsible for aluminum containers forging work. Suddenly one day, the bad news came, his mother’s illness was in serious condition, and Culig had to go back home immediately. Unfortunately, his mother only supported a month and passed away. Before his mother’s death, his mother has filled with a glass jar of coffee powder grinded by herself, which was Culig’s favorite from childhood. Mother tightly held Culig’s hands, and said at the last gasp: “child, you lose dad as a child, now, mum could not continue to take care of you. The coffee powder is your dad and yours favorite. If you miss mum, you can taste it. I hope that you can be like the coffee power in your future, after the bitter is sweet, lead a strong life.”

This jar of coffee powder is filled with mother’s love. Although the mother has passed away, her love is eternal. Whenever Culig misses mother and encounters difficulties in life, he may remember this precious jar, gently dig a scoop, and make a small cup of black coffee. The mellow coffee is mixed with bitter and sweet, so he may think of his mother’s saying before the death, “lead a strong life, after the bitter is sweet, ” However, shortly afterwards, with multiple opening the jar, color and taste of coffee powder  has begun to slowly degenerate.

How to let the coffee condensed with mother’s love do not degenerate has become Culig’s meditation problem. It did not work after trying various ways. Finally, one day, a vacuum pump used in the factory brought him inspiration. Continuous high-temperature forging and pressing easily made lubricating oil and oxygen in the chamber burn and might lead to explosion, but forging and pressing the vacuum pump without oxygen could avoid this risk. After several times of research, Culig forged a thick aluminum box. He put coffee powder in the box, and used a glass cover and a rubber strip for sealing, and cleared away air inside by a homemade vacuum pump. After half a year, he was surprised to find that the color of coffee powder in the vacuum box did not have any change, and the taste was also as mellow as before.

This story was gradually spread out in Culig’s hometown. People also asked Culig to manufacture a vacuum box for themselves, and hoped that the food never degenerated, and food could be reserved longer. In 1995, 40-year-old Culig, an Engineer set up his own company in Germany. The brand name is the first three letters combined with his father and his mother’s name. It is now the popular European vacuum preservation expert --- Stntus.

Quality legend

Time is changing, how to make health unchanged?
Day is changing, how to let love be sealed intact forever?

In 1994, German Stntus was born. The ultimate safe materials, top-level aerospace technology, and everlasting exploration of the vacuum preservation endow Stntus with unique personality: rigorous and innovative, superior temperament, and constantly striving for perfection. So far, Stntus has had the world’s first and technology patent in a number of vacuum preservation fields.

It belongs to the world brand. It is meeting the passion for pursuit of food and health by human beings, joy of cooking and exploration for permanent preservation. Stntus has opened the third generation of food preservation era, and has become a brand new healthy lifestyle.

Honors witness
Course of development

In 1975, the world's first vacuum preservation box.

In 1990, applied vacuum preservation technology in the European Space Agency.

In 1995, the vacuum preservation box was born in Germany, opening the category of the vacuum preservation industry.

In 1996, the first household vacuum preservation machine listed.

In 2006, attended IFA exhibition in Germany, winning the first European market share.

In 2010, released the kitchen’s innovation series of products, and promoted new concept of life in green kitchen.

In 2014, the first to use Tritan™ safe material (pass the certification of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States).

In 2015, attended the Appliance World Expo (AWE), and officially entered into the Chinese Market.